I have lettered stories and books for Image, Dark Horse, IDW, Mad Cave, Devil’s Due, Heavy Metal, Aspen, Starburns, Scout, Darby Pop, and many others. I have worked on comics with Steve Orlando, Matthew Erman, Magdalene Visaggio, Michael Avon Oeming, Mark Bertolini, Joe Carallo, Shane Berryhill, Cullen Bunn, Josh Blaylock, JT Krul, Chris Sebela, Curt Pires, and many more. I am always looking to work with more creators. So feel free to use the contact link or e-mail me at micahmyers84@gmail.com

I occasionally do some none-lettering comics work. I started up a pro wrestling anthology, Kayfabe (three volumes available on DriveThru Comics), in which I worked with a bunch of comic creators who also share my love of wrestling to complete it. Also, I have ventured into writing my own comic series about a D-list supervillain team that accidentally kill a superhero called The Disasters. On sale on ComiXology.

Thank you for visiting my site. Check out my portfolio and follow me at all my social links.

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